Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zoya Spring Delight Collection 2015 Swatches & Review

Im so excited to post this collection! I have all six polishes from Zoya's 2015 spring collection.

They consist of 3 cremes and 3 shimmers. Let's start with the shimmers.

Leslie is described by Zoya as a lavender mettalic with turquoise shimmer.  I used 2 coats for the photo below but it could have used 3. Overall the formula was ok and the shimmer is visible as much on the nail.

Daisy is described by Zoya as a lemon merengue yellow with a turquoise flash. I see a little blue shimmer in this as well. It's formula was ok needing 2-3 coats depending on the application.

Rayne is described by Zoya as a blue metallic with turquoise shimmer. It's odd Zoya describes all the shimmers as metallics. They are more shimmery than anything and don't show brush strokes like metallics are notorius for. Anyway Rayne is opaque in 2-3 coats also depending on application. The shimmers work very well and I enjoyed all 3 of what this collection offered.

Eden is a pink cream. I used 2 coats here and it had a glossy finish. This was also my Valentine's Day manicure ❤️

Tiana is pistachio green creme. You can get away with one coat if applied right but I opted for 2 thinner coats. The formula was excellent.

Lillian is a beautiful blue creme. I loved everything about this one! It's actually what I'm wearing right now. This will probably go down as one of my favorites from Zoya in my collection. It was fully opaque in 2 coats. It's as close as I have for a dupe to OPI What's With The Cattitude, another favorite of mine, with Lillian leaning slightly more greener.

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun topped on Lillian

Overall all the cremes were great with Lillian and Tiana being my favorite. Daisy was another surprise favorite. I loved how it looked against my skin tone. The collection is available now at Zoya.com and retail for $9 each.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Zoya Matte Velvet

Hope you all had a good Valentine's day and enjoying the rest of the weekend. A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Ulta to specifically find any polishes on sale. I've been very selective lately. If I see a collection I'm just not feeling in entirety I don't purchase it. Well I end up loosing out on that one from that collection that probably was the standout but because of my disinterest in the collection I end up getting none.

With all that said I ran into the Zoya Matte Velvet collection for half off each and I was super hyped! I was able to get 5 of the six, leaving out Posh, which will be on my wish list for Zoya's annual Earth Day promotion. For those who are not familiar each year Zoya sells polish half off in exchange for your unwanted polishes to properly dispose of them. You still get the sale price if you have no polishes to return. Anywho this collection consists of 6 matte finishes that are gorgeous. For the most all required 2 coats and I did not use top coat because I loved it matte.

Harlow is a  rose plum matte with some shimmer. I did not care for this one much. The formula was ok but a little metallic like and streaky.

Dovima is a charcoal black with gorgeous and very strong silver shimmer. I loved everything about this. Formula wise it was great. It has a satin matte finish which works really well to show off the shimmer. 

Loredana is a gunmetal gray matte. The formula was fantastic and I loved the final look. 

I saved my favorite 2 for last. Savita is a purple stain matte with a strong shimmer. The shimmer works so well with this polish. The formula was great as well. 

Lastly is Veruschka, an evergreen matte. This has to be my favorite of the collection (of what I got) and happy to have it in my stash. Everything was fabulous about this polish. 

I really enjoyed this collection. Matte polishes have easily become a favorite of mine recently whether using a matte topcoat or polishes like these. The collection is available at zoya.com and sell for $9 each. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Essie Suite Retreat - Essie Resort 2015

Essie has recently released their annual Resort collection which consists of 4 new shades for the Spring. Check out a description of each polish after the jump!

Time For Me Time is a sheer pearlescent with pinky/purple shimmer. This polish was very sheer and needed at least 3 coats which still showed some visible nail line. I used 4-5 coats here which is a ridiculous amount. This is a pretty color but nothing is very unique about it.

Stones N' Roses is a salmon/pinky/peach creme. Again it's not very unique but a nice shade. The formula was great and almost opaque in just one coat. I have plenty of colors like this already in my collection so I doubt I'll be reaching for it anytime soon.

Cocoa Karma is a brown creme. I have the same feelings on this one as I do about Stones N' Roses, great formula but nothing really unique. It's a great neutral shade for the office. I used two coats here.

Lastly is the namesake of the collection, Suite Retreat. It's a purple/blue creme that is opaque in one coat. This is the color that made me want to give this collection a try. Sadly it didn't meet up to my expectations. The formula was great but again not unique. This is almost a dupe for Essie's Chills and Thrills from the past summer collection. Had I realized this before purchasing I would have passed on this collection.

Overall I am pretty impressed with Essie over their huge comeback with their formulas. However this collection left me wanting more. I wish they were a bit more creative and bold with the colors. I purchased the collection from transdesign.com however I've seen it at Ulta Beauty this past weekend.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

China Glaze Road Trip Spring 2015

I shared half of China Glaze Spring 2015 collection late last week so here is the other half, named Destination Unknown. Check out a description after the jump!

License & Registration Pls is a medium blue creme. The formula was great and I used 2 coats. Boo hoo because this one did stain a little.

My Way Or The Higway is a turquoise creme. The formula was almost like a jelly and it was completely opaque in 2 coats shown below.

More To Explore is a coral peachy creme. It looks sort of neon but it does not dry with the typical matter finish of a neon. This was my favorite from this part of the collection. It was a bit streaky on the first coat and some even required 3 coats. I'm currently wearing this on my toes.

Sun's Up Top Down is a yellow with gold shimmer. The formula was sheer but built to opacity in 3 coats. I really enjoyed this polish too!

Pop The Trunk is a tomatoe creme. The formula was amazing just needing 2 thin coats.

Lastly is Trip of a Lime Time which is a lime green creme. The formula was again very jelly like. I used 2 coats for the photo below.

Overall I enjoyed the formula of this part of the collection and the colors from Road Trip Ready were my favorite. I have used almost half a bottle of More To Explore just doing nail art in the past couple weeks. Below are some of the gradients I've created using polishes from this collection.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

China Glaze Road Trip Spring 2015

Sooo...it's been a long time but this latest collection motivated me to share with you all. China Glaze has released their Spring collection and it's full of color. As usual they are broken into 2 sets of 6 polishes each so today I'll show the first 6, named Road Trip Ready.

Check out a description of each after the jump!

I Brake For Colour is a pink red creme. The formula and consistency were both very easy to work with. This is a great color for tanned skin. Shown here are 2 coats though it was almost a 1 coater.

Pinking Out The Window is a pink creme. Everything was great about this one. Again it was almost fully opaque in 1 coat.

Pack Lightly is a pinky peach shimmer. This was very sheer and took at least 3-4 coats to be opaque. The end result was worth the crappy formula for me. The shimmer is subtle but not too bad for my liking.

Wanderlust is a lilac shimmer. The formula was the same as Pack Lightly, very sheer and needing 3-4 coats.

Dashboard Dreamer is the last shimmer from this collection. It's a blue pastel with subtle rose/purple gold shimmer. I hope that makes sense? The last 3 all have the same shimmer. I also noticed they are all very similar to some of the pastels from last years spring collection but just with shimmer. The formulas are not the greatest but I enjoyed all 3.

Lastly is Boho Blues. Ahhh Boho Blues!! Just look!! Isn't it gorgeous?! Well as pretty as it looks here it's more flawless in person. This is going to go down as a favorite blue of my collection. It's a gorgeous blue creme. It almost has a jelly formula and is a dream to work with. Definitely THE ONE of the collection.

Overall I loved everything about this collection. My favorite is clearly Boho Blues but I also loved the 3 shimmers, Pack Lightly, Dashboard Dreamer and Wanderlust. I believe they are now available at Ulta and Sally Beauty. They are also on Transdesign.com for $19.50 per set.