Thursday, May 8, 2014

Essie Neons - Too Taboo

Hey gals! Yesterday the weather inspired me to try out this collection I'm going to share with you all.

Essie released a collection full of neons I couldn't pass on. I'm not a huge fan of the brand due to its inconsistency. But these colors immediately drew me in and I was willing to deal with a crappy formula if need be.  Boy did these amaze me! For the most part all of them were opaque in 2 coats. They were very sheer but easy to work with and built up to opacity with each stroke.

A lot of people have inquired how these compare to the jellies released by Essie last summer. These are true neons meaning they all dry matte. The jellies from last year are just that, jellies, but have an awful formula and each requires a white base coat to deal with and still challenging. The neons this year all had a great formula and none surprisingly required a white base for me. It wouldn't have hurt it either way. So enough of my rambling, check out a description of each after the jump!
Too Taboo is a magenta pink neon. In the bottle none of these seemed neon to me. Their claim is  quite true and this happens to now be one of my favorite neon collections.

Vices Versa is a lime green neon. Wonderful formula. Another favorite from the collection. This is the only one that needed more than 2 coats, requiring 3. 

Chills & Thrills is a blue purple neon. It's a little more purple to me in person but regardless unique due to its neon formula. 

Serial Shopper is an almost dusty peach neon in person but looks much brighter photographed here. Anyway it's gorgeous! Love it! 
Sittin Pretty is a light purple neon oquape in 2 coats. Another fave!!

Lastly is I'm addicted, a medium blue neon.  Fabulous formula! 

Overall I'm in love with this collection! Essie surprised me with this one. I had no complaints formula wise. I think they tend to work better without a base coat, causing less dragging of the polish. I highly recommend these polishes and they'll definitely be my go to neons this summer. They should be available in drugstores now. To close I did a gradient manicure with a few polishes here and a holo topcoat. 

Thanks for reading!