Sunday, February 15, 2015

Zoya Matte Velvet

Hope you all had a good Valentine's day and enjoying the rest of the weekend. A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Ulta to specifically find any polishes on sale. I've been very selective lately. If I see a collection I'm just not feeling in entirety I don't purchase it. Well I end up loosing out on that one from that collection that probably was the standout but because of my disinterest in the collection I end up getting none.

With all that said I ran into the Zoya Matte Velvet collection for half off each and I was super hyped! I was able to get 5 of the six, leaving out Posh, which will be on my wish list for Zoya's annual Earth Day promotion. For those who are not familiar each year Zoya sells polish half off in exchange for your unwanted polishes to properly dispose of them. You still get the sale price if you have no polishes to return. Anywho this collection consists of 6 matte finishes that are gorgeous. For the most all required 2 coats and I did not use top coat because I loved it matte.

Harlow is a  rose plum matte with some shimmer. I did not care for this one much. The formula was ok but a little metallic like and streaky.

Dovima is a charcoal black with gorgeous and very strong silver shimmer. I loved everything about this. Formula wise it was great. It has a satin matte finish which works really well to show off the shimmer. 

Loredana is a gunmetal gray matte. The formula was fantastic and I loved the final look. 

I saved my favorite 2 for last. Savita is a purple stain matte with a strong shimmer. The shimmer works so well with this polish. The formula was great as well. 

Lastly is Veruschka, an evergreen matte. This has to be my favorite of the collection (of what I got) and happy to have it in my stash. Everything was fabulous about this polish. 

I really enjoyed this collection. Matte polishes have easily become a favorite of mine recently whether using a matte topcoat or polishes like these. The collection is available at and sell for $9 each. 

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