Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lancome Spring 2014 French Ballerine Vernis in Love

Hi everyone! Today's post will be on a few new polishes I'm excited have as additions in my collection. I have a couple from Lancome's spring 2014 collection. I wish I could have grabbed them all but unfortunately the other 2 were sold out.

First up is Undercoat 030M. It's basically a white creme. I find it quite intriguing shopping for polish. I always do my homework before any purchase. Wherever I go the salespeople act as if  they're really giving me new information. I can't blame them, they're just doing their job right? But when I purchased these polishes I really didn't feel the need for Undercoat. If you're into polish like myself who doesn't have a white creme in their collection? The sales woman raved about how this was intended to make any color pop more on the nail because it was matte and not shimmery like most white polishes. Well she was right about the added pop of color but my $.99 Wet N Wild does the same thing. The difference is obviously the formula and the brush. Applying these polishes make me love polish even more. The brush is so wide and flat which is perfect for my larger nail beds. In the photo is 2 coats with no top coat.

The last one I purchased from this collection was Rose Satin, a very vibrant pink creme. I applied 2 coats over 1 coat of Undercoat but could have gotten away with just 1. The photos lean hot pink but it's more of a rosey pink hence the name. Again great formulation! The brush allows just 2-3 brush strokes so I really enjoyed that.

I also picked one from the core line since the other 2 from the collection were sold out, Gris Angora. It's  a grey creme with some purple undertones. Here I used 2 coats under 1 of Undercoat with no topcoat.

Overall I'm pretty happy with these polishes. The formula alone is worth the price tag. Undercoat initially seemed like a basic white creme but it is difficult to find a good alternative that isn't too goopy. This one was a winner and I found myself grabbing this a lot recently for my base on any nail art.

Lancome polishes can be found at most department stores or and retail for $15 each.

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