Thursday, June 25, 2015

Different Dimension 80's Baby All Gown Up Swatches and Review

Today's collection describes me to the T! As soon as I saw these bright neons they reminded me of the late 80s. As a little girl I always loved playing with polish, specifically neons in the summer time. I immediately grabbed a few from this indie maker. Check out a description of each polish after the collage below.

Tubular 2.0 is a neon orange with a scattered holo effect. I used two coats plus top coat for the photo below. The formula on this one was pretty decent and it was my second favorite from my picks.

Totally 2.0 is a yellow green with scattered holo and shimmer. This so pretty in the bottle but a pain to work with. It took 3 coats, some needing 3. It did not self level either. This along with all the polishes dried matte so you'll need a shiny top coat. I wanted to love this polish but sadly the formula was a big turn off.

Whatever 2.0 is a purple neon holo shimmery polish. This too did not self level and took 2 coats for full opacity. I usually love purples but this one was just meh. The formula was a bit thick, but not too difficult to work with as Totally 2.0.

Saving the best for last, Homeboy 2.0 is a blue holo with added shimmer. The maker describes this as a neon and it's kind of in the grey area for me. It does dry matte but it really isn't a neon in my opinion. Let's face it, have you ever really seen a neon blue polish? Anywho, this was hands down my favorite from my picks. The formula was amazing, only needing two coats.

These polishes are available here and retail for $11.00 each.

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