Sunday, September 14, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Fall Holo Collection - 2014

Hi lacquer lovers!  This morning I woke up with one goal: post a blog!

The past 6 months has truly been a life changing experience. I'll spare the in depth detail, but basically my family picked up and left our lives behind for now what seems like silly reasons. You know that saying, the grass is  greener on the other side? Fortunately my career allows many opportunities and choices.  Sometimes with having too many choices we become restless and indecisive, not being happy with what you got, always looking for the next big thing. Well I'm happy to say we've learned a huge lesson. So in 2 weeks we will be traveling back to Florida where we built a home, for good.

So that explains my absence here. This summer was crazy. I hope to be getting back to a regular routine soon. Now onto the polish :)

Late last week I received the opportunity to swatch Liquid Sky Lacquer's new Fall 2014 holo collection. It consists of 5 fall colored themed polishes that have a holographic finish. Each polish shown will have 2 coats and no top coat. If a top coat is used it does NOT take away the holo effect at all. The consistency of all are exactly the same, not too thick or thin and super easy to work with. I especially love the wide brush which allows application to go on with minimal brush strokes. Check out each individual polish after the jump!

Toasted Pumpernickel is a brown light holo. I don't usually like dark colors but all of the darks from this collection were my favorites. 

It's Wine O'clock Somewhere is a purple wine holo. I love the name of this one! Another favorite of mine from the collection. 

Autumn Equinox is a gorgeous blue holo. Again, another surprise favorite for me! 

Juniper Berries is a sage holo. This polish is very unique to my collection in a holo finish. I know I have nothing like this. 

Lastly is Let's Take A Hayride which is a rust orange holo. This polish screams Autumn. It definitely is reminiscent of leaves changing colors, pumpkin or sweet potato pie and Halloween. 

I did a gradient mani using my 3 favorites from the collection, Autumn Equinox, Toasted Pumpernickel and It's Wine O'clock Somewhere. 

All of these polishes are available now at liquidskylacquer and retail for $12 each. 

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