Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Enchanted Polish Autumn

So today I want to talk about the most beautiful polish I've seen in a long time, Autumn by Enchanted Polish. It's the most coveted indie brand and I can definitely see why. I loved everything about this polish, holo + duochrome = gorgeous! Right? What's not to love?

The color shifts are beautiful. Pictures do them no justice. It turns from gold to bronze and yellow, then there's a scattered holo effect that makes it so unique. Need I say I say anything else?

I wish this polish was as easy to purchase than for me to talk about. I basically stalked a whole bunch of different Enchanted Polish on eBay and lucked up on this one of two (I'll be talking about tomorrow). I recently have grown a love for this brand. 

I recommend following Enchanted a Polish on Facebook to get notices on her monthly polish. New polishes are $16 per bottle and worth every cent of it! Time is of essence when  these are in stock, with a preorder of only an hour time frame. The moment preorder is over they sell for double the amount on eBay. Crazy!

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